Our exclusive interview with live sex chat model Nicole

Today we interview Nicole – a pretty webcam girl from USA, she is 23 years old. So let’s begin what she says about her work and herself.

I cam on well known and with good reputation websites and sell my clips using video on demand services. In the beginning I was in to phone sex about two years ago, but started camming as I went and learned that I will earn more if I become good at live sex chat. I came to conclusion that I will do much better than phone sex because visual contact really helps and I was right.

How do you pay your living bills?

I’m lucky that I have a loving partner. He is taking care of things. He works in pharma industry. But I add a significant amount to our budget by camming. I’m making a bit over 200 bucks a week. The main advantage is that I can work whenever I want, and it’s different from daily 8-5 working hours. However, I work less and not as often as I could. If I need money for some special circumstances, I work longer hours to earn desired amount using live adult cams chat, but that is on rare cases. Usually, I make enough money working whenever I want and not pushing myself too hard. Of course, that was not the case at first, but now as I have my loyal cam followers base it’s much easier to reach my financial goals, by the way number of my followers is growing every week because of my creativity on live sex shows.

Do you like to work on live sex chat rooms and how it fits your personality?

I want to be honest with this. I can get bored pretty easily. I’m a very sexual person and I love to learn about other people’s sexuality as well. And camming helps me to keep me interest where most people don’t look at. I tried to work regular works at clothing store and cashiering at major supermarket. I didn’t liked it at all and quit to look for what I liked more. And I found being nude while live sex chatting is way more imposing for me, because I like taking my clothes off and performing in front of hundreds of guys who love me. Camming is a job I always wished for – it’s legal and allowing me to stay at home and work, I don’t have to leave my house. To be honest, I have mental illness and free schedule allows me to work on good days and have my time on bad days and no problems with that as I work whenever I want and nobody gets hurts for that. In online sex chat work I don’t have bosses or something else. I just have rules to keep and that’s it.

Camming model Nicole

Tell us about your first day doing live sex streaming

It was a nervous day like on any other job, but it was a little different because I was not sure how it all would go. As the most important thing on live cams is looks and I’m don’t have a supermodel body or anything. It all turned out well at the end. I got lots of compliments on my looks, for example on my boobs, my ass, my hair and pussy.

What is exclusive about you?

I don’t shave my pussy and it’s a thing that stands out from all the webcam girls. I get a ton of compliments about that. It seems a lot of guys really appreciate that. At first I was thinking to shave my pussy, but that surprised me and I decided to leave it as it is. I’m also pretty good now at foot fetish. I never imagined that so many guys would love it. I was not expecting to get asked to lie on my stomach and point my feet closer to webcam. It was odd at first, but now I have a lot of fun with my regular customers who are happy with foot fetish shows.

Being a webcam girl changed you as person somehow?

Yes, for sure! I now feel very comfortable on setting boundaries. If I feel that I don’t like to do some things I get asked, I’m comfortable telling it and feel confident doing that and have no problems. No difference if I have to tell it at work or in my personal life. Before it was hard to say no. I also got more girly and feminine as I understand men better and became good by watching male entitlement.

Webcam girl Nicole wearing sexy underwear

What advice would you give to new webcam girls?

The main thing is to have fun and take care of yourself. Be ready for all kinds of people as you will meet nice persons and assholes on live cams who want everything for giving nothing. Never tolerate disrespect. Remember, you are in charge with whom to chat and go to private.

Thank you all and take care!